Stellar S3-400/100

The Stellar S3-400/100 is especially designed for our high speed rotating motor.

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Designed for automotive standards

Compact design

Sensorless control

For motor speeds >100.000rpm

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The Stellar drive for high speed motor applications is designed according to automotive standards, resulting in a cost optimized, compact and liquid cooled drive for motor speeds exceeding 100.000rpm. Moreover, the drive allows for sensorless control and high dynamic loads. The drive-motor combination is typically used for compressor applications such as: Hydrogen fuel cells, stationary power generation and range extenders.

Digital control

AUTOSAR operating system
CAN bus
Sensorless control

Input voltage

  Min Typ Max Unit
Control supply 9 12 16 VDC
Actuator supply 250 400 450 VDC
HV input current     90 A

Motor interface

  Typ Unit 
Output current (cont.) 100 Arms
Output current (pk.) 200 A
Switching frequency 16.5 kHz
Single three-phase motor interface  
Motor temperature interface    

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