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Stellar series

The Stellar series is especially designed for high speed rotating motor applications.

The Stellar series consist of the S3-400/70, S3-400/100 and the S3-400/120 drives for high speed motor applications. They are designed according to automotive standards, resulting in a cost optimized, compact and liquid cooled drive for motor speeds exceeding 100.000rpm. Moreover, the drive allows for sensorless control and highly dynamic loads. The drive-motor combination is typically used for compressor applications such as hydrogen fuel cells, stationary power generation and range extenders.

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Designed for automotive standards
Compact design
Sensorless control
For motor speeds >100.000rpm


Stellar series specifications

  Series Stellar Stellar Stellar
  Model S3-400/70 S3-400/100 S3-400/120
Power input      
  Input voltage range 250 - 450VDC 250 - 450VDC 250 - 450VDC
  Input voltage, abs max 500 VDC 500 VDC 500 VDC
  Input current 40ARMS 60ARMS 70ARMS
  Input current, peak 60APK 85APK 100APK
  Auxiliary input voltage 9-16 VDC
  Auxiliary input current 800mA typical
Motor output      
  Supported motor types 3-phase (PMSM/SynRel)
  Maximum phase current 70ARMS 100ARMS 120ARMS
  Peak phase current (1s) 180A 250A 250A
  Maximum output voltage (line-line, typical) 0-250VRMS 0-250VRMS 0-250VRMS
  Rated switching frequency 16.5kHz
  Output frequency 0-2kHz
Typical applications Automotive Industrial
  Operating system AUTOSAR
  Interface CAN
  Commutation Sensorless control (standstill up to max RPM)
Mechanical &  Climatic      
  Dimensions (width x depth x height) 230mm x 290mm x 80mm
  Mass (typical) 4kg
  Ambient temperature range -40°C - 90°C -40°C - 45°C
  Coolant temperature range -40°C - 70°C -40°C - 40°C