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Athos series

Linear induction motors for stroke applications with limited servo requirements while benefiting from a low cost, robust mover.

Our linear induction motors are tailored to customer applications. Depending on the application, different form factors are possible. Both single sided or double sided stators can be considered, as well as different secondaries (plate or U-shaped).

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Robust mover
No permanent magnets
Launch applications



Forced air or water cooling

Forced cooling by means of pressurized air or water can be integrated into the stator depending on customer requirements.

U Shaped secondary.png

U-shaped secondary

A U-shaped secondary allows for a force density increase due to an increase of the airgap surface.

Double sided stator.png

Double sided stator

A double sided stator configuration allows for a significant performance increase. The single plate secondary is sandwiched between two stator units. The design of the single plate secondary will also be updated for this configuration.

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