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Iris series

Short stroke actuators for applications requiring a high positioning accuracy, linearity and bandwidth within a limited stroke.

Our short stroke actuators are designed for high precision motion and force control while allowing movement in 6 degrees of freedom. Different form factors are available, in both rectangular and cylindrical shape with different motor constants and optimized steepness. Maximizing bandwidth and thermal conductivity are often contradicting requirements. We therefore have different designs available which are either optimized for bandwidth or RMS force. Magnetic shielding can be considered as an option, as well as vacuum compatibility.

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Motor Drive 9833
Optimized form factor
High linearity
High bandwidth


Magnetic Shielding.png

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic shielding can be added optionally depending on customer requirements. The shielding will be designed to minimize performance impact.

Vacuum Compatibility.png

Vacuum compatibility 1e-7 torr

Actuators complying with 1e-7 torr use special coatings, connectors and adjusted mechanical geometry. Design is verified by inhouse RGA.

Gravity Compensation.png

Weight compensation

Weight compensation can be added if required to minimize power consumption or eliminate the need of a mechanical spring.


Forced air or water cooling

Forced cooling by means of pressurized air or water can be integrated into the stator depending on customer requirements.

Vacuum Compatibility.png

Vacuum compatibility 1e-8 torr

Actuators for 1e-8 torr have additional metal housing around the coil unit to eliminate any outgassing of epoxy materials. Design is verified by inhouse RGA.

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