The Zenith DPs-170

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Voltage controlled piezo stack drive

Internally generated stable +135/-35VDC

Strain gauge sensor interface

Optional integrated position control

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The Zenith DPs-170 is a dual-axis rack module piezo stack drive with internally generated +135/-35VDC powered from 48VDC. The drive is commanded via EtherCAT with a CiA402 compatible interface. This drive is part of our Multi Axes Motion Control Rack concept and our Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP). The external connectivity to motors and sensors is fully customizable to the customer needs. 

Digital control

CST & CSTA modes CiA402 interface 
PP & CSP modes Optional co-processor
Jerk and snap-limited trajectory generator
Standard control Sequential PI control with 5x bi-quad filter
Generated control Prepared for future extension with Simulink generated control loops 
Custom control possibilities eg PD-control with I/O linearizing high gain observer for optimized settling performance 
Commutation based on encoder or Hall sensor
Error handling   

Input voltage

  Typ Unit
Control supply 24 VDC
Actuator supply 48 VDC

Actuator interfaces

  Min Typical Max Unit
Piezo actuators interfaces voltage controlled        
Designed for LVPZT stack actuators         
Load capacitance  0.3   30 µF
Output voltage  -35   135 V
Output current peak     200 mA
Output current average     100 mA

Power bandwidth   

(140Vpp, 300nF )

  500    Hz

Power bandwidth 

  (140Vpp, 1.5uF)

  100   Hz

Power bandwidth 

 (140Vpp, 10unF)  

  15    Hz

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