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Rotating Motors & Actuators

High-speed motors & generators for applications requiring an extremely high power density.

Our high speed motors are designed to achieve a high power density for motor and generator applications, like e.g. compressors or turbines. The permanent magnet synchronous motor can be controlled sensorless from standstill up to maximum speed with our high speed drive Stellar series. The motor is designed with minimization of cost and maximized power density while considering automated manufacturing. Hence, this technology is ready for the automotive market. Depending on the application, water cooling can be considered as an option.

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Design is tailored to customer application
Automotive applications
High power density



Forced air or water cooling

Forced cooling by means of pressurized air or water can be integrated into the stator depending on customer requirements.

Magnetic Bearings.png

Magnetic bearings

5 DoF Magnetic bearings including sensing and control can be considered as an option to eliminate bearing friction.

High Speed Drive.png

High speed drive

Combining the high-speed motor with a drive from the Stellar range results in optimized performance.