Motion Platform Evaluation Kit

This Motion Platform Evaluation Kit is featured to our customer for testing our Motion Platform Tooling and API integration, to validate software features and experience the ease of integration. The Evaluation kit supports multiple motor and encoder types which enables integration of your existing mechatronic application. A complete software and documentation package with quick-start guide is included.


Package contents

Evaluation Kit

  • 4x PWM 24V multi purpose actuator interface with on board EMC filter
  • Digital control based on CiA402 interface
  • 4x incremental encoder interface (RS422)
  • 4x Hall sensor interface
  • 2x generic analogue input (16 bit)
  • 16x multi purpose digital in, 4x multi purpose digital out
  • Standard 100Mbit Ethernet Host control
  • On-board voltage and temperature monitoring

Other items included in this package:

  • Power supply (110-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz)
  • Software installation wizard (Windows 32/64 installation)
  • Tooling (scope, sequence editor, signal r/w, state control, etc)
  • Motion API with Visual Studio 2010 ® Example application
  • Software and hardware Manuals
  • Optionally: motor demonstration setup (brushless AC motor, incremental encoder, Hall sensor and home sensor)

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