The quad 24V Motor Drive (R-QPM24) is an Eurocard formfactor EtherCAT slave which is part of our Multi Axes Motion Control Rack concept product portfolio and is part of our Motion Platform. The slave is capable of controlling multiple actuator types (brushed DC, brushless DC, voice coil, stepper, etc), supports a wide range of encoder types and has several IO equipped on board. The external connectivity to motors and sensors is fully customizable to the customer needs.

12x Multi-purpose actuator interfaces supporting the following types:

  • 6x Single-phase current controlled
  • 4x Three-phase current controlled
  • 3x Stepper current controlled
  • Or combination of above mentioned types possible, fully software configurable

PMM actuator interface with EMC filter

  • Per actuator 2Arms, 4Apeak

Wide bus voltage range from 12V to 48V

Local return energy buffering with external brake chopper control

Digital control

  • CiA402 interface for CST and CSTA modes
  • Optional co-processor for PP and CSP modes
    • 3th or 4th order trajectory generation
    • Standard control: sequential PI-control with 5x bi-quad filter
    • Custom control possibilities: e.g. PD-control with I/O linearizing high gain observer for optimized settling performance
    • Generated control: prepared for future extension with Simulink generated control loops
  • Commutation (based on encoder or Hall sensor)
  • Current control
  • Error handling

Sensor interfaces

  • 4x Incremental quadrature RS422 encoder interfaces (40MHz quad count)
  • 2x EnDat 2.1 interfaces
  • 4x Hall sensor interfaces
  • Generic analog interfaces with reference voltage output
    • Incremental sin/cos encoder interfaces with position interpolation (>1000x)

3V3-level digital I/O

EtherCAT slave interface

Machine safety I/O

  • Emergency input
  • Interlock output

Available in RTM or FTM compatible connectivity

Voltage monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Backplane and transition module identification interface

24V control power supply input

Front panel status indicators


EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.