The Multi Axes Motion Control Rack is an off-the-shelf solution for motion control applications. Applicable for areas such as:

  • Robotics
  • High accuracy stage positioning
  • Motion control for optic path
  • Pick and place / SMT equipment
  • Industrial automation
  • Conveying applications

Key features

Fully compatible with powerful Motion Platform software: API and tooling suite

  • Open architecture
  • Tuning tools with high level of visualization
  • High level of diagnostics for increased availability
  • User configurable control
  • Robust firmware download

Integrated power supplies and mains distribution

Integrated EMC filtering

Multi-core EtherCAT master

Ethernet based host connectivity

Broad range of actuator types supported by our ready to use motor drives

Broad range of sensor and feedback types supported by our ready to use motor drives

Standardized to CiA402 to support compatibility to external 3rd party EtherCAT slaves

Customization on specific application safety provisions

Multi Axes Motion Control Rack

Balanced usage of ready to use products combined with customer specific solutions

MAMCR motor drive module

Broad range of ready to use control and drive products

MAMCR power supply

Integrated power supply

MAMCR cooling

Customizable rack cooling

Ready to use control and drive components

  • EtherCAT Master R-CM3210
  • Motor Drive R-QPM24
  • Motor Drive R-DPM48
  • Motor Drive R-SPM120
  • Motor Drive R-DLM15
  • Piezo Drive R-DPsM