Premium RF Amplifier for 3.0T high field MRI systems

Prodrive Technologies’ NGRF3000-2 series RF Amplifier System offers a cost effective and high performance solution for 3.0T high field MRI systems. Unique technology enables image quality and reliability that exceeds industry standards. The NGRF3000-2 series RF Amplifier System is an addition to the Prodrive Technologies’ NG series gradient amplifiers portfolio. The system concept of NGRF3000-2 is modular and can be used for value and high performance MRI systems.

Key features

Cost effective dual channel 3.0T RF Amplifier
Extremely rugged design / high reliability
State of the art technology
Per channel: 20kW PEP, 10% duty cycle, 8ms Pulse length
Isolated power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Direct main connection, no PDU required
Advanced hybrid control loop to achieve high fidelity
Advanced diagnostics
IEC 60601 edition 3, CE
Liquid cooled



Market leading price / performance
High reliability of >200,000 hours
Lifetime: >10 years


NGRF3000-2 RF amplifier for 3.0T MRI systems

NGRF3000-2 R10

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