Prodrive Technologies’ NGRF7000-8 series RF Amplifier System offers a cost effective and high performance solution for 7.0T ultra high field MRI systems. Unique technology enables image quality and reliability that exceeds industry standards. The NGRF7000-8 series RF Amplifier System is an addition to the Prodrive Technologies’ NG series portfolio.

Product features

Cost effective Eight Channel RF amplifier
Extremely Rugged Design
Liquid Cooled
State of the art solid state technology
Digital control and advanced diagnostics
High reliability

Power Performance (per Channel)

PAV: 250W (2.5kW PEP, 10% Duty cycle)

Gain & Frequency Range

Gain: 64dB ±0.25dB
Gain flatness: ±0.2dB
Frequency range 1: 298MHz ±500kHz


Nominal Input Impedance: 50Ω
Maximum VSWRINPUT: 1.25:1
Nominal input power: 0dBm


Nominal Load Impedance: 50Ω
Maximum VSWRLOAD: 10:1 (Through all phases)


Gain Linearity: < 0.5dB over 60dB upto PNOM
Phase Linearity: < 5º over 60dB upto PNOM
Differential Gain Linearity: < 0.1dB/dB over 40dB upto PNOM
Differential Phase Linearity: < 1º/dB over 40dB upto PNOM


Gain Stability ( t<10s ): < 0.1dB
Phase Stability ( t<10s ): < 1º
Gain Stability ( t<15min ): < 0.25dB
Phase Stability ( t<15min): < 3º

Noise & Harmonics

Noise blanked: -160dBm/Hz
Noise un-blanked: -83dBm/Hz
In-Band Spurious Noise: < -85dBC @ PNOM
Harmonics: < -50dBC @ PNOM

Frequency range 2: 280MHz ±500kHz



Turn On/Off time: < 10μs
Maximum Blanking Duty cycle: 100%

Control / Communication / Monitoring

Forward and Reflected power output (64dB±0.25dB)
RS422 and RS232 control interface
LCD for initial diagnostics
NgToolsuite for advanced and remote diagnostics

Error protection & diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics via control interface
Fault tolerant fans with tacho
Input and Output power protection
Maximum VSWR protection
Mains error detection
Integral temperature protection

Power supply

Mains: 380-480Vrms ±10%, 50/60Hz
Internal power factor correction
Mains switch included
Isolated power supply


19” 10U, 650mm depth
Module weight: 80kg

Liquid Cooled, TCOOL_IN: 20ºC – 30ºC
Ambient temperature: 20ºC – 35ºC

Regulatory & environmental

IEC-60601 3rd edition
Labeling: CE / UL / CSA
Reliability: MTBF>100khr.
Lifetime: >10 years
RoHS & REACH compliant

White labelled

Customer specific branding is possible
Product customization is possible on request to match the
customer requiremen