P1 Smart meter dongle

This P1 dongle is the solution to bring the smart meter data with low product cost to the cloud. The P1 dongle is designed to make it plug-and-play and to easy connect to the WiFi network for sending the data to the cloud. This means it can be send to the consumer through the normal post box (thin product design), easy installation by just plugging into the smart meter and then push on the WPS button to connect to the WiFi network.

Supported by software

The full embedded software for the P1 dongle can be supply including the new DSRM 5.0 standard meaning the 1 sec energy data. The software is configurable in what kind of security will be used, setup of the data package and the transmit frequency to the cloud. All data available from the P1 interface meaning electricity and gas can be send to the cloud. We have also the ability to supply a with-label cloud if none is available.

Smart meters without power

For the older smart meters (DSRM 2.2) that don’t supply any power on the P1 interface we have the solution for supplying the same products with a special modified cable and external power adaptor.

P1 side

P1 front