PDRF series RF Power Supply for plasma

Prodrive Technologies’ PDRF series RF Power Supply for plasma sources offers you a reliability that exceeds industry standards at a very competitive pricing. It delivers an exceptionally stable RF power performance for the most demanding plasma applications. This comes at a staggering 80% efficiency that gives your customer an unprecedented cost effectiveness in operation, while its versatility allows application in all regions of the world. This ensures a fast integration time and avoids any logistical hassle.

Our core building block is extremely compact because of a 100% SMD architecture so that we can offer very compact form factors on request, next to our standard 19″ rack module. We offer standard solutions with a power rating from 1kW to 30 kW in steps of 1kW. You can choose from all the standard frequencies, so 13.56, 27.12, and 40.68 MHz, although custom variants are also possible up to 800 MHz.



High level specifications

Reliability aspects Based on LDMOS
100% SMD
Very low part count
High quality components
Versatility One configuration for all regions (200-480V AC mains)
Various communication protocols possible
Scalable per 1kW output power up to 5 kW in one rack unit
Rack units can be combined for higher power output
Form factor Standard 19″
Custom on request
Cooling Water cooled


Power aspects Efficiency line to load: 80% typical
Maximum reflected power: 30%
Frequency stability: +/- 0.005%
Power accuracy: <0.5%
Harmonic distortion: <-45dBc
Self-protection Reflected power
Mains under/overvoltage
Power modes Forward power, DC bias, delivered power
Pulse mode possible from 1 Hz to 50 kHz
Communication Ethernet, Profibus, RS-232, others on request