Poseidon Industrial PC

Offering extremely high reliability and long lifecycle, Prodrive Technologies’ Poseidon Xeon® D-1500 Industrial PC series are the best fit for high-end embedded computing applications such as motion control and system control. The Poseidon lifecycle is managed according to the strict copy exact requirements in the medical and semiconductor industries. The Poseidon can be customized to your application by selecting the most ideal CPU, size of the system memory or amount of storage needed.

Integration and applications

The Poseidon computing platform is the perfect industrial PC for a wide range of medical, industrial and semiconductor type of markets. It applies to multiple standards including the SEMI F47.

With a small and 1U high form factor it can be installed in dedicated spaces in your equipment but can also be installed in a standard 19 inch rack. The Poseidon can run Windows 10, 7 or Linux and if applicable, Prodrive will look into different OS if required.

Key Features

– Intel® Xeon® D-1500 series processors

– Up to 16GB DDR4 w/ECC @2133GT/s

– 1U, 330mm x 220mm (bracket for 19” rack mount available)

– 9x RJ45 Gbe ports, 2x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0 and 1x DisplayPort 1.2

– Prodrive Management and Diagnostics Suite (BMC/RAS)

– Prodrive customized BIOS

– Supporting Linux, Windows 7, Windows 10

– MTBF 170,000 hours


Download the leaflet for more detailed features.

Poseidon Industrial PC

Poseidon Industrial PC

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