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AC Wallbox

Prodrive Technologies’ white-label AC wallbox portfolio offers powerful charging solutions with a large variety of connectivity interfaces and configuration options. Rated up to 7,4 kW (1-phase) and 22 kW (3-phase) to cover all charging needs in private, public and semi-public use cases.

Its intelligent design and communication interfaces enable integration in back-office systems and energy management systems. They are perfectly capable of distributing the available power dynamically amongst a group of charging stations in an efficient manner, maximizing the use of the grid’s capacity. Both security and safety are taken into account to make sure our AC wallboxes fulfill all electromobility requirements and delivers a future proof design that is ready for the rapidly growing EV market.

AC Wallbox

The EV1120AC is a cost-optimized AC wallbox intended for home and semi-public use

  • 3.6/7.4 kW (1-phase) & 11/22kW (3-phase)
  • Integrated RCD sensor design
  • Wide variety of black-out protection methods
  • Automated load balancing amongst a group

The EV1140AC is a connected AC wallbox intended for home and (semi-)public use

  • 3.6/7.4 kW (1-phase) & 11/22kW (3-phase)
  • Ready for smart- and bi-directional charging (V2G)
  • Integrated MID-certified energy meter
  • Secure and seamless integration in custom back-ends using Wi-Fi, ethernet and/or mobile internet