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Automatic conductive charging

Product under development at Prodrive Technologies, enabling a fully automated charging process to optimize the user experience and maximize the charging flexibility with opportunity charging.

Prodrive Technologies’ automatic connection device allows for fully automated conductive underbody charging. The system consists of a ground unit and vehicle unit.

The charging process is fully automated, optimizing the user experience and maximizing the time the vehicle is connected. Being ‘always’ connected optimizes opportunity charging and V2X applications.

  • Both AC and DC charging supported
  • Large parking area supported, possible without vehicle guidance
  • Fully automated and handsfree
  • Quick connect and disconnect
  • Based on CCS (combined charging system) contact system
  • Designed according to IEC 61851-26 and ISO 5474-5
  • Product under development at Prodrive Technologies
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Fully automated connection
Large parking area supported
Wide charging power range
Robust and overdrivable