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DC power module

DC charging allows for more flexible (V2X) and faster charging than AC. This makes DC charging the ideal solution when charging speed is important, such as opportunity charging and commercial vehicle charging.

As EV sales grow, the cost of charging infrastructure becomes increasingly important. Prodrive Technologies is developing affordable DC chargers for home and business applications. All base technology is available inhouse.

Products under development include stackable modules, 11 – 50 kW chargers and bi-directional charging solutions for vehicle to home (V2H) and vehicle to grid (V2G) applications.

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DC charging

Cost-optimized DC charging technology.

  • Mode 4 charging
  • 11 – 50 kW
  • Bi-directional compatible (V2X)
  • Integrated modular charging solution
Bi-directional DC charging

Cost-optimized charging technology for bi-directional DC charging applications that supports (local) grid stabilization.

  • Mode 4 charging
  • < 22kW
  • V2X