NG500 1.3

MRI gradient amplifier high performance gradient amplifier for 1.5T high field MRI systems

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1035V / 1000Ap / 380Arms

Benchmarked top-of-market fidelity

Extreme reliable & lifetime over 10 years

Advanced control and diagnostics with NG Tool Suite

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Prodrive Technologies’ NG500 series Gradient Amplifier System offers a cost effective and integral solution for mainstream MRI systems. Unique technology enables image quality and reliability that exceeds industry standards. The NG500 series Gradient Amplifier System is a reflection of Prodrive Technologies’ 20 years industry-benchmarked authority in high-end power electronics.

Isolated power supply

  Min Typical Max Unit
Mains 380   480 VAC +/- 10%
  50   60 Hz
Mains switch included        
Power Factor Correction (PFC)   Unity power factor & low harmonics 
Programmable bus voltage 600   1035 Vdc
Mains input power   48   kVA
Available power to end stage   31   kW per axis
    44   kW for three axis

Output performance

  Min Typical Max Unit
Output voltage (at Ipeak)    +/-940    V
Output current    1000   Apk
    380   Arms Continuous or DC
Load range 0.22   4.7 mH
   50   200
Patented end stage included        
Integrated output filter (fcorner<switching frequency)         

Output accuracy

  Min Typical Max Unit
Settling time   error<1% after 100µs     
    error<0.4% after 150µs
    error<0.1% after 250µs
Drift offset typical    5mA/°C    
Drift gain typical    10ppm/°C    
Propagation delay  <70     µs
Linearity <100     ppm
Bandwith      >10 kHz
Total harmonic distortion <0.4% at 230Arms/200Hz  
  <0.8% at 230 Arms/1kHz  
Initial offset: neglectable (auto-zero )         
High precision current sensors included        


Prodrive Technologies offers you the flexibility of a standard product with the option of product customization.  No matter what kind of product you demand, we partner up with you to meet those demands. We use proven technologies, combining them with new concepts and techniques. In this way, we rapidly develop tailor-made solutions, this has kept us at the cutting edge. Over the past two decades we’ve worked on a wide range of products, systems and solutions, and thus accumulated a great deal of expertise. You can benefit from this experience. Moreover, we can often help you immediately with one of our exceptionally reliable off-the-shelf solutions. But, of course, you can always challenge us to develop something specific to your business and its needs.


NG Tool Suite

NG Tool Suite enables easy access across NG Series product portfolio from initial integration to in-field remote diagnostics via Ethernet connection HMI


Control Interfacing

Seamless integration into new and current systems by using our flexible control interface. Existing interface can be easily installed in the whole NG series portfolio.


White Labeling

Customer specific branding is possible, to align within customer product portfolio.

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