Prodrive Camera Platform

The Prodrive Camera Platform (PCP) is the perfect solution for high end vision applications. With this platform Prodrive Technologies is able to provide you with a camera which suits your specific requirements. PCP is developed to realize the best image performance at a high throughput.


With the integration of the next generation image sensors, we make sure that images are captured at the highest resolution and the integrated image preprocessing transfers the data at a very high speed. Furthermore, the platform is easily scalable and modifiable to your requirements. In this way the Prodrive Camera Platform makes sure it fits perfectly to your specific application.

Key features
  • Up to 4 Gigapixel/sec
  • High-end interfaces; PCIe (Gen 2/3, 8x), CLHS, CXP, SFP+, GigEVision
  • Embedded processing for example flatfielding, filtering, custom algorithms
  • Scalable sensors, 10 to 25 Mega pixel, or line scan up to 24K and 400Klines/sec
  • Different lens mounts supporting Canon EF (including lens control), C-mount and M72.

The Prodrive Camera Platform (PCP) includes the following models:

Models Resolution Spectrum Pitch FPS1 Shutter
PCP-5K4K-C 5120×3840, 20MP VIS, NIR 6,4um 32 GS
PCP-4K3K-C 4096×3072, 12MP VIS, NIR 5,5um 180(12bpp)/300(10bpp) GS
PCP-5K5K-P 5120×5120, 25MP VIS, NIR 4,5um 80 GS
PCP-4K4K-P 4096×4096, 16MP VIS, NIR 4,5um 120 GS
PCP-4K3K-P 4096×3072,12MP VIS, NIR 4,5um 160 GS
PCP-3K2K-P 3840×2896, 10MP VIS, NIR 4,5um 180 GS
PCP-LN4K-T 4096×512, 4xTDI VIS, NIR 4,5um 400kl/s GS

1. Frames per second based on full-resolution; higher frame rates possible for smaller region of interest