One of the success factors behind the growth of Prodrive Technologies is combining the technologies of motion control with power electronics. Our experience leads to turn-key solutions with the lowest costs, where we are able to customize towards your application specific requirements like EMC, form factor, connector choice and medical or automotive grade safety. Nowadays we can offer ready-to-use products with customization options as well as fully tailor-made technology solutions.

Our motion control platform is a real-time software product that is based on our extensive experience in motion control across numerous industries and customers. Many players in the motion industry have recognised this and used the platform to take their motion solutions to the next level.

The platform distinguishes itself from other motion software systems by offering ultimate real-time performance and tooling as well as a very clear user interface. The Matlab/Simulink interfaces allow you to combine simulation code within an existing motion system, providing endless opportunities for control loop optimization and tuning. Due to its flexible interfaces and its hardware independence, the platform can be used in virtually any type of application, ranging from high-end motion control systems to ultra-low cost applications.

Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP)

One platform for centralized, distributed and hybrid control

  • Centralized: control cross-coupling between axes
  • Distributed: optimal for I/O delay
  • Hybrid: best of both worlds

Scalability from 1 to over 300 axes

Flexibility utilized across multiple markets

  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Microscopy
  • Transport


Customer application interface

Available in C++ and C#

Windows and Linux support

Abstraction of physical communication interfaces:

  • Ethernet
  • EtherCAT
  • Dedicated shared memory



Debug & Integration Tool Suite

Network topology browser

Product and version identification and firmware update

Parameter configuration and asynchronous variable monitoring

Synchronous signal tracing with Y(t) and Y(x) plotting

State machine control & error monitoring

Motion and I/O command sequences

Function tracing and event logging


MATLAB/Simulink integration

Generate and load custom control networks and inverse kinematics models

PMP Simulink blockset for full integration with the PMP features and API, e.g.

  • Integration with settling mechanism and move command completion
  • Event & error reporting
  • Parameter sets
  • Signal tracing

Support for standard Simulink blocks