Prodrive Technologies’ PRSB-760G2 switch box offers 760Gbps bandwidth with extremely low latency based on RapidIO Gen2.

The PRSB-760G2 has 32 quad-lane ports and 2 expansion ports, connected with Integrated Device Technology’s (IDT) RapidIO Gen2 switches. Of the 2.4Tbps aggregate, full-duplex bandwidth offered by the twelve CPS1848 and CPS1432 switch devices, 760Gbps is available on the external ports. This leaves plenty of internal bandwidth resulting in a non-blocking switch.


RapidIO and its applications

RapidIO Gen2 offers 20Gbps per port throughput with zero packet loss, extremely low latency and superior Quality of Service (QoS). All features are implemented in hardware and are therefore completely transparent to software. This puts less of a burden on the processor handling the traffic, unlike conventional IP networking.

The PRSB-760G2 enables scaling up to 64K nodes in any topology. All major vendors offer processors or Systems-on-Chip (SoC) with either native or bridged RapidIO support, allowing system designers to choose between FPGA, DSP, ARM, x86 and PPC.

Applications range from wireless baseband aggregation to HPC, industrial control, (server/storage) datacenter scale-out, medical imaging and networking, video broadcasting and media gateways and military wireless.


Product features
  • Connectivity
    • 760Gbps external / 1640Gbps internal bandwidth
    • <300ns port-to-port latency
    • 32x QSFP+: 20Gbps full-duplex downlink port
    • 2x CXP: 60Gbps full-duplex expansion port
    • 8x RJ.5: 10/100/1000 BASE-T switched, full-duplex
    • Power intake: +24VDC or -48VDC or 110-230VAC
  • Optional Host CPU configurable as RapidIO host
  • Secure IPMI over LAN management interface
  • EIA 19 inch, 1U form factor wide
    • Including field-replaceable dust filter and fan-tray
    • NEBS/ETSI compliant


Infrastructure and interconnect management

Prodrive Technologies’ PRSB-760G2 embedded software provides full control to system integrators and network admins via an out-of-band LAN interface.

Network admins are offered a variety of interfaces to administer the PRSB-760G2. An intuitive web-based interface offers full control over all aspects of the RapidIO fabric, from low level port control to fabric routing, changing QoS settings and obtaining detailed diagnostics about performance.

Secure IPMI-over-LAN interfaces are at the disposal of system integrators that allow for automation of management tasks, diagnostics and failure reporting.

 Prodrive Technologies’ Meshworks suite

Prodrive Technologies’ Meshworks suite for RapidIO, an innovative network design, simulation, diagnostic and visualization software package, enables rapid and first-time right deployment.



System architectures

The PRSB-760G2 can be used in combination with the Prodrive Technologies’ 40Gbps RapidIO NIC in any existing server or HPC environment for <300ns port-to-port latency, replacing higher-latency and higher-power legacy solutions. Power consumed per transferred bit is unparalleled. Multiple PRSB-760G2 can be connected in a network of spine and leaf switches.

The picture on the right shows an example of stacking switch boxes, creating clusters for very large port-count switching. RapidIO’s flexibility in network topology allows scaling up to 64K nodes in a network.

SRSBG2 stacked1

System architecture examples



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