At Prodrive Technologies we have proven to be a reliable partner for developing tailored optical scanning solutions for OEMs in the medical and industrial sector. Our knowledge and experience in this field contributes to the delivery of the best solution for you application. We even developed our own optical quality inspection system. A highly reliable and versatile system that is much more cost effective and productive than other, less versatile, systems on the market.

Other solutions include custom image sensor, application specific optical lenses and filters for microscopy, HMI and a high precision motion stage and control.

Image acquisition & processing

The image acquisition or scanning camera determines the quality of the scanning application in an important way. Our solution includes a TDI capable sensor at high line rate to allow fast scanning while presering high signal-to-noise ratio.  This delivers excellent image quality for further processing. With our dedicated image processing platforms real-time requirements can be met while reducing overall system costs.

Motion stage & control

The motion stage is an important item when considering a scanner application. The stage transfers the object of interest through the view of the camera. During stage movement the object is scanned by the camera synchronously with the extreme precise controlled motion. This combination of tightly coupled motion control and scanning camera delivers supreme image quality.


User friendly interaction with your application is becoming a pre dominant factor in product  accessibility and adoption. This improves ease of use with a high quality interface with e.g. capacitive or resistive touch.

Key features
  • Motion controlled stage
  • Line or area scan up to 4Gigapixel/sec
  • Hyperspectral capabilities
  • Embedded image processing
  • Custom designed optics & illumination