Sintered IGBT / SiC power modules

Standard A-brand IGBT power modules offer a good reliability for power solutions in continuous operation mode. However, reliability can become a problem in high power pulsed operation mode. The  main reason IGBT power modules fail is internal temperature cycling, with both the junction temperature cycle amplitude and absolute junction temperature reached influencing the number of cycles to failure.

Changing temperatures in the module lead to component stress, if the various components do not have a close match in temperature expansion coefficient (CTE). This stress is limiting the lifetime expectancy of the IGBT power module. There are two possible solutions to limit this stress:

  • Minimizing the junction temperature cycle amplitude by improving the thermal pathway in the power module
  • Matching the temperature expansion coefficient of the materials used in the thermal pathway of the power module

We combine both these solutions in our custom IGBT and SiC power modules to drastically improve their lifetime in the most demanding solutions. Using silver sintered interconnects instead of the standard soldered interconnects leads to a high thermal stability, a much higher thermal conductivity, superior mechanical and electrical properties, and thinner bond lines. By using novel materials we have achieved a much better match in the thermal expansion coefficients of the various components in the thermal pathway. The result is a 15% improvement in thermal dissipation, and an improvement of the lifetime expectancy of a factor five or better, over standard soldered IGBT power modules!

Our custom modules are not currently available as a stand-alone product as we have developed this process for our own integrated pulsed power solutions. However, if your application demands the highest achievable reliability at a competitive price, please contact us to discuss your case. We are confident we can deliver a full power solution optimized to your challenge, and will deliver what you need.