Prodrive Technologies TDI Linescan Camera

Our high-speed high resolution TDI Camera are excellent solutions when it comes to industrial inspection, arial mapping and food inspection.

The camera can be interfaced directly with a host CPU by means of PCIe and require no framegrabber. A DMA Engine takes care of data transactions. Furthermore, the sensor supports two read-out engines with 4x TDI per engine to be used independently.

High level Specifications of the TDI Camera:

  • Image Sensor
    • 4096 px
    • 128 TDI blocks with 4x TDI
    • 2x Read-out engine
    • Pixel: up to 10bpp
    • Up to 200.000 lines/sec with 4-stage TDI (100kHz per engine)
    • Up to 400.000 lines/sec with 2-stage TDI (200kHz per engine)
  • Processing
    • DPC, FPN and PRNU correction
  • Interface:
    • x4 PCIe 2.0
    • DMA Engine
  • Power: 12VDC
  • Miscellaneous
    • 3x Differential input (trigger)
    • 2x Differential Output (strobe/flash)
    • 2x Diagnostic LEDs