Ultra fine particle sensor

Prodrive Technologies develops an automotive low cost Ultra Fine Particle (UFP) sensor that counts ultrafine particles in an air flow. This unique product is designed for mass production and can be integrated in HVAC systems of vehicles, buildings or in any other equipment.

Measure and improve air quality

Prodrive Technologies’ Ultra Fine Particle sensing system enables air quality measurement in interiors and outdoor by counting particles in sampled air. With the use of a control system air flows can be controlled based on information from the Ultra Fine Particle sensing system. In this way interior air quality can be significantly improved.

Application examples

Air can be sampled from exterior air and interior air. Depending on air quality indoor and outdoor a control strategy can be developed to improve indoor air quality.
Integration is possible in heating / ventilation / air-conditioning systems (HVAC) of vehicles and buildings.


Prodrive Technologies provides customized Ultra Fine Particle sensor solutions including integration of optional peripherals like fan, air pump, valve and control system.
Integration in climate systems, specific communication interfaces, special form factor and dual-sensor applications are possible.

Ultra Fine Particle sensor range

Prodrive Technologies Automotive Ultra fine particle sensor - sensing range

Product features
  • Measures Ultra Fine Particles (UFP)
  • Designed & qualified for the automotive industry
  • LIN Interface (CAN optional)
  • Suitable for vehicle interior mounting
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C
  • Approximate size of sensor core: 150 x 75 x 55 mm
  • Status: under development

APS0500 - Ultra Fine Particle Sensor

Air pollution and health risks

Air pollution is generally seen as one of the main pollution concerns on earth. Especially highly populated urban areas suffer from bad air quality which is mainly caused by industrial facilities and motorized traffic. Particles smaller than 10 µm (micrometer) are respirable and are not filtered by the nose or throat. Therefor small particles will end up in the lungs where the body cannot easily remove them, potentially causing lung cancer.

About Ultra Fine Particles

Ultra Fine Particle (UFPs) are smaller than 100 nanometers (0.1 µm) and may pass through the lungs and end up in the bloodstream affecting other organs as well. Since UFPs are the main element of which airborne particulate matter consists, they are a major concern for human health. Example sources of UFP air contamination are emissions from combustion processes and printer toner.

Prodrive Technologies Automotive Ultra fine particle sensor - SMOG