Ultra high speed inverter

Prodrive technologies is developing a high speed inverter. The motor and inverter combination will be able to handle speeds greater than 100.000 rpm. There are many automotive applications, amongst others electric turbochargers, range extenders and fuel cell compressors. Besides the applications in figure 1, Prodrive Technologies is open to discuss other functions.


Prodrive Technologies offers inverters for high-speed electric machines and provides engineering support for rotor/stator design and mechanical integration with the customer’s application specific system as visualized in figure 1. Prodrive Technologies has preferred partners for these applications, but it is also possible to cooperate with partners proposed by the customer.


Ultra high speed inverter - application overview 3

Figure 1: high speed inverter application overview

Ultra high speed inverter - legend Prodrive Technologies – Developed and manufactured by Prodrive Technologies.

Ultra high speed inverter - legend Prodrive Technologies design – Prodrive design, integration support, and optional manufacturing.

Ultra high speed inverter - legend third party – Developed and manufactured by third party.

Functional overview
  • Motoring mode and generator mode (1 can be disabled if necessary)
  • Designed for 400V HV battery systems
  • > 100.000 rpm rotor speed
  • Suitable for high dynamic applications
  • Maximum 30kW power
  • AUTOSAR 4 software
  • Control and calibration easily adjustable
  • Designed for automotive

Prototypes are successfully tested by first customers

Electric turbochargers and compressors for combustion engines

The high speed inverter and electric motor can be integrated into a turbocharger or compressor. This reduces turbo lag and improves drivability, emissions and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.




Ultra high speed inverter - Turbo


Turbine range extender

By integrating the inverter and electric motor with a turbine, we are able to offer range extender solutions for electric vehicles. Advantages of the turbine range extender over a combustion engine range extender are greater power density, multi-fuel capability, low emissions, low maintenance and less (moving) parts.



Ultra high speed inverter - Turbine
High speed air compressor for fuel cell applications

When powering a vehicle using a fuel cell, the fuel cell needs to be kept at a specific pressure in order to operate optimal. A compressor with a high speed motor can handle the required highly dynamic behavior whilst providing the required air flow and pressure. The electric motor can be integrated.


Ultra high speed inverter - Hydrogen