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Advanced Packaging

At Prodrive Technologies we provide custom solutions for the most challenging semiconductor devices. Our high degree of vertical integration provides the design freedom required to optimize your solutions for quality, cost and in-house manufacturability.

From chip design to wafer

Designing an optimized solution for a challenging application starts with chip design. Whether optimizing for form factor, vacuum integrity, high signal speeds or all of the above, it is essential to take packaging into account already during chip design. We work closely with the semiconductor manufacturer to support chip design with the specific integration challenges in mind.

From wafer to chip(-to-chip)

A tenfold increase in the connection density of an optical sensor, higher data speed with a higher signal integrity from ultra-high vacuum to ambient, increased thermal performance, all with a longer lifetime. These are but some advantages of advanced packaging over traditional wirebonding. At Prodrive Technologies we go for perform with excellence in advanced packaging technology as well as traditional semiconductor packaging techniques.

In our in-house tool shop, we develop the specific tooling required for sensitive placement processes such as for optical components, detector chips, chip-to-chip bonding and System in Package (SiP) placement.


Equipped with top of the line cleanroom production capabilities, we can provide fully automated solutions for the smallest formfactor and complex bare die assemblies.

Our in-house packaging competences include:

  • Application specific package design, from high power density power modules to high-end imagers.
    • Silicon based devices
    • MEMS / MEOMS devices
    • Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)
  • Component placement with an X, Y- accuracy of up to 0.5µm
  • Component integration, including:
    • Adhesive bonding
    • Flip chip and (micro-) bumping
    • Silver sintering
    • Solder (vacuum) reflow
    • Ball Grid Array (BGA) soldering
    • Wirebonding
    • Active alignment of optical components
  • In our ISO 5 cleanroom we apply plasma, CO2, and ultrasonic cleaning as part of our standard production flow.
  • Design validation & qualification, production testing and functional test design.
    • Automated die-shear / wire pull equipment
    • Automated optical and x-ray inspection
    • Interferometry equipment
    • Helium leakage and Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and EDX

Product design and series manufacturing

We have experience in a great variety of products such as extremely large imagers, mirrors, prisms, filters, and fiber optic plates. In addition, we have the capability to design sophisticated custom optical components. This can be applied for comprehensive illuminators with specific beam shaping capabilities or in other applications requiring high resolution color accurate lens assemblies for imagers.  The materials we handle include silicon-based devices, MEMS and photonic integrated ICs. Regardless of your requirements we can go from concept to design and finally to series with highest quality with our automated production capabilities.

Application and solutions include:

  • Metrology Systems
  • Microscopy
  • Life science imaging
  • Automotive sensors
  • Custom image cameras
  • Custom lens assemblies
  • Chip-on-board
Advanced Packaging for Camera Solutions

Small, smaller, smallest. Our packaging knowledge allows solutions for the most challenging integration of semiconductor components. Optimized for performance & cost for series production.

  • Optimize for Industrial Level Production
  • Assembly Process Development
  • Die Attached & Wirebonding
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Compatibility