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Optical solutions

Prodrive Technologies delivers state-of-the-art optical products and makes them reach their full potential using integrated solutions that meet your requirements and expectations. We are experienced in optical design for a variety of environments including ultra-high vacuum, high pollution, high speed, and highly constrained form factors. We are confident that we can create the solution to your optical challenge.

With the necessary competences available from a large base of software, electrical, mechanical and physics/optical engineers and extensive in-house (optical) manufacturing and (custom) testing capabilities we can take your optical project from the initial concept through design, prototyping, and validation to series production. Being experts in a wide range of technologies including amongst others vision & sensing, motion & mechatronics and embedded computing, we are able to provide solutions ranging from custom sensors assemblies to integrated optical assemblies and to customer unique total solutions. All at high quality and with the appropriate certification and compliance.

Metrology Systems

Improve reliability and sustainability of measurements to acquire the key indicators for equipment processes like position, dimensions & acceleration.

  • In-situ and Ultra-high Vacuum Options
  • Telecentric Optics
  • Laser-based Measurement Systems
  • Interferometry