XPCS-1200 extreme precision current sensor

Prodrive Technologies’ XPCS-1200 has the highest current rating of high precision current sensors available. The XPCS-1200 fits neatly into existing or new Gradient Amplifier Systems for MRI applications. As a drop-in-replacement it offers extensive cost down with increased performance of your current system. Unique technology improves accurate current measurements enabling image quality and reliability that exceeds industry standards. The XPCS-1200 is a reflection of Prodrive Technologies’ 20 years industry-benchmarked authority in high precision electronics.

Key features

+/- 1200Apk / 440Arms
Zero flux gate sensor
Very accurate and stable current sensing
Low noise
Overcurrent proof
IEC-60601: 2x MOOP (Means of Operator Protection)
External CLK input (synchronization)
High dV/dt immunity



Market leading price / performance
Extreme accurate
High reliability of > 1Mhr
Can be used as drop-in-replacement
According to IEC-60601
1200A zero flux gate current sensor

XPCS-1200 extreme precision current sensor

XPCS-1200 current sensor

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