Zeus High Performance Cabinet

Prodrive Technologies’ Zeus High Performance Cabinet (ZHPC) is an industrial-grade, liquid cooled computing cabinet for demanding embedded applications such as motion control and image processing. Filled with servers from the Zeus Xeon® E5 (ZXE5) family or using your 19 inch servers, ZHPC is a very powerful and reliable platform with a long lifecycle to protect your investment.

The cabinet sits on four wheels, making it easily movable, and has a rugged design that improves the reliability of the servers it holds. This is due to the cabinet’s internal ambient temperature and humidity control. The system is remotely accessible through the cabinet manager and an EMO circuit, smoke detection and water leakage sensors are integrated for safety.

Integration and applications

The Zeus high performance cabinet is the perfect rack solution for a wide range of medical, industrial, telecom and semiconductor type of markets. It applies to multiple standards including the SEMI F47. Cabinet is available as stand-alone or filled with our servers. Product can be used as off-the-shelf or tailored to specific requirements for unique applications.


Key Features

  • 41U height
  • 19 inch width
  • 200V, 208V, 400V phase-phase 50/60Hz mains input
  • Isolated Power up to 20kW
  • EMO Circuits on front and back
  • Leakage Detection connected to EMO
  • Cabinet Manager for Management and Monitoring
  • Weight Capacity of 1000 kg

Certifications and Standards

  • IPX2 enclosure protection
  • SEMI S2, S8 and F47
  • NFPA79
  • NEN/CSA/UL-EN-IEC-61010-1
  • IEC61000-6-2 2nd edition
  • NEN-EN-EN-55011:2009/A1 CISPR 11
  • FCC CFR 47 part 15

Zeus High Performance Cabinet (ZHPC)

Zeus High Performance Cabinet (ZHPC)

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