Variable frequency drives – not always a commodity

Not too long ago, when energy was still cheap, the majority of electric motors in industry, e.g. used to drive conveyor belts, compressors, HVAC, and pumps, were used at constant speed. Now the … Continued

MULTI: A game changer for the elevator industry

MULTIple elevator cabins in a single shaft, the dream of every skyscraper architect and the wish of many people waiting in line for the elevator! Together with our customer thyssenkrupp Elevator we are … Continued

Where our technology goes beyond human vision

It is sometimes mentioned that humans do not see with their eyes, but with their brain. The eyes are just the instrument to provide just enough information for the brain to interpret. We … Continued

How your car can protect you from invisible danger

When thinking about increasing vehicle safety, reducing the number of road traffic victims often comes to mind first. But something less visible causes more than double the amount of deadly victims each year. … Continued

SEMICON West 2017

It will be a cold day in hell before we ever do business with you again. Did you ever say or think this while dealing with a supplier? In the semiconductor equipment industry, … Continued

Reliability – Why we want to go unnoticed

Our products are used in many applications demanding high reliability. We, for example, produce gradient amplifiers that power MRI machines, drives that make lithography machines move and image processing systems that help a … Continued

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – an extraordinary imaging method

In 1882 Nikola Tesla did a fundamental discovery in physics: the Rotating Magnetic Field. In 1971 Paul C. Lauterbur followed up with his Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, invention. After many years of … Continued

Start managing your assets with the secure & smart PTI Cloud

Today less than ten percent of all assets are connected to the Cloud. One might wonder why this number is so low, while the technology has been out there for many years. According … Continued