It will be a cold day in hell before we ever do business with you again. Did you ever say or think this while dealing with a supplier? In the semiconductor equipment industry, even more than in most other industries, you need to promise a lot as a supplier. Doing what you promise and delivering a solution that works well is even more important for a fruitful and long term relationship with your customer. The key in achieving this is in how we approach any challenge.

First of all, breaking down functional requirements into various layers of abstraction means that we can influence the performance of the final solution at the very root of the innovation process. It is on the conceptual level where we can determine the price/performance level of a product the most. We believe that this fundamental philosophy is one of our key differentiators in today’s competitive playing fields and one of the main reasons we have a track record of satisfied customers in various industries, especially in the semiconductor equipment industry.

In this industry we develop technology solutions for demanding customers in the areas of computing, power conversion, motion and mechatronics, vision and sensing, and controls. We constantly leverage proven technology as ready-to-use building blocks that give us a head start in applications across industries and markets. This enables our agile teams to come up with customized technology tailored to customer requirements while at the same time realizing a uniquely short time-to-market. Furthermore, as a vertically integrated company, not only for electronics but also mechanics, we take responsibility for an application from head to tail. This challenges us to understand and master the essence of its function, and allows us to hold a firm grip on quality during complete lifecycles that can span ten years or longer.

Prodrive helps to process >80% of the wafers worldwide

You may never have heard of us. However, our solutions and technology is included in the equipment of some of the largest OEM’s in this field and our contribution to their success is only growing!

Prodrive Technologies

200mm wafers produced with Prodrive technology while on this page


Integrated power cabinet for motion control

Our vertical integration also works to your advantage because it enables simplification of your challenges. A good example is a semiconductor power cabinet for motion control, for which almost all components, both mechanical (such as cold plates, cables, enclosures and magnetics) and electrical (power stacks, high precision current sensors, amplifiers and power supplies) have been designed, manufactured, and integrated by us to achieve one optimized design. The result was a 30% reduction in cost price and an overall quality improvement of a factor two, while doubling the power output at the same footprint, all compared to what was previously available on the market.

ZHPC computing cabinet

Another example of what vertical integration can mean for you is our ZHPC computing cabinet for image processing, which requires high computing performance and large bandwidth in a limited space. In the configuration used for wafer inspection, 3456 DSP cores and 576 ARM cores are packed on twenty processing blades in two computing racks, minimizing expensive footprint. The cabinet design is based on industrial rather than IT environments and features a power supply and distribution systems designed in-house. A new, active closed-loop cooling system with a liquid heat exchanger ensures that the resulting heat is removed while controlling dissipation to the environment.

At Semicon West we will showcase several solutions that may trigger you, see below for an overview. Come visit us at Booth 7747 for inspiration and to challenge us. Many years from now you will still regard your visit as time well spent!

Power Conversion

Extremely stable power conversion modules:

  • Power converter (100kW +)
  • Intelligent Power Distribution
  • PWM drive with ppm level accuracy
  • Highly linear current sensor
Custom power component for highly demanding applications

Unprecedented reliability and availability:

  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial servers
  • Storage solutions
  • 10G Ethernet and RapidIO switches
  • ATCA based systems
The flexible and modular Prodrive Industrial PC (PIPC) with an MTBF of 170,000 hours
Motion & Mechatronics

Versatile and comprehensive motion portfolio:

  • Prodrive Motion Platform demonstrators
  • Linear actuators
  • Multi-axis variable frequency drives
Motion and Mechatronics example: voicecoil actuators
Vision and Sensing

Imaging solutions in challenging form factors:

  • Inspection camera
  • Metrology solutions
  • Custom silicon integration & packaging
  • Image processing systems
Vision and Sensing example: positioning module with in-house designed optics, sensor and image processing