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Industrial Automation

The Industrial Automation Program delivers solutions enabling the automation of test, logistics and manufacturing processes while achieving an advanced operational process control. Together with our dedicated team of Industrial Automation experts we design, manufacture and integrate high quality automated solutions in partnership with you. All our turn-key solutions are always validated trough adopting and applying them in our own factories first, resulting in field-validated and mature products, ranging from automated electric testing and robot cells to automated guided vehicles and integrated storage solutions.

All solutions are controlled by our in-house build Prodrive Business Software (PBS). PBS is consisting of high-end applications controlling operations during execution and guaranteeing quality procedures to meet the desired output. Our automated solutions are characterized by their flexibility and scalability as they can easily adapt to a wide range of products, changes to the factory layout and growing demand. As a result, productivity improves significantly, the predictability of operation times increases, and the first pass-yield of products improves which enables competitive advantages for our customers.



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