Custom Power Modules

Designed for thermal performance and suited for high volume production, applicable as component on power PCBs


Cost-optimized for all die materials (e.g. Si, SiC, GaN)

Designed for thermal performance, up to 175 °C (optionally above)

Flexibility in form factor with high power densities possible

Very high thermal cycling capability

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Prodrive Technologies offers custom cost- and performance optimized power modules. We have developed a toolbox containing various production technologies (soldering and sintering of dies, interconnects via various technologies such as wirebonding, ribbon bonding, and top side sintering) that can be fit to purpose.

This toolbox also offers the flexibility to design the module according to the form factor desired, with freedom of topology choice, at the power density required. Furthermore, high thermal performance can be taken into account. All die materials such as Si, SiC, and GaN, or any combination thereof, can be utilized. Finally, other components may be integrated into the module.

Design, qualification and manufacturing can be done completely in-house up to Automotive grade. Custom power modules are manufactured on fully automated production lines, to ensure stable production parameters and thus quality. Furthermore, if requested further integration with cooling and PCB is part of our capabilities.


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