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From low foot-print to full blown Android software, we support any challenges on all our hardware platforms. We provide BSPs and maintain software platforms for our customers to safeguard security, maintainability, and sustainability towards the future.


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Cloud Solutions for Industrial IoT Applications

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Software is the key element in many solutions. Not only does it define most features and enable smart solutions, including artificial intelligence, but it also defines to a large degree how the end user experiences the product. Therefore, it is most important to have a skilled and reliable software partner with in-depth system knowledge on software, as well as hardware. We have a proven track record on providing these software platforms.

From our experience, we see that software is becoming more important than ever and dominating the amount of effort spent in end solutions. Our software team supports complex solutions in different application and hardware domains. We define software architectures and concepts, and then take them to implementation and validation. But, most importantly we support them throughout the product lifecycle in the field and in service. This requires another mindset and skill for scale, maintenance, and security support, which we are readily able to support.


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