Advanced Packaging for Camera Solutions

Small, smaller, smallest. Our packaging knowledge allows solutions for the most challenging integration of semiconductor components. Optimized for performance & cost for series production.


Optimize for Industrial Level Production

Assembly Process Development

Die Attached & Wirebonding

Ultra-High Vacuum Compatibility

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Our design and production capabilities include solutions for the smallest formfactor and complex optical assemblies for imaging and photonics systems. These optoelectronic systems require critical assembly steps to reach maximum optical, as well as electrical performance. These assemblies can require chip-on-board, wirebonding, gluing, and placement steps for individual components such as extremely large imagers, mirrors, prisms, filters and fiber optic plates.

At Prodrive, we have the capabilities to design sophisticated custom optical components. This can be applied for comprehensive illuminators with specific beam shaping capabilities or in other applications requiring high resolution color accurate lens assemblies for imagers. Regardless of your requirements we can go from concept to design and finally to series with highest quality with our automated production capabilities.

Application and solutions include:

  • Metrology
  • Microscopy
  • Life science imaging
  • Automotive sensors
  • Custom image cameras
  • Custom lens assemblies
  • Chip-on-board


浦卓科技除提供标准化产品,还可根据需求定制产品,为您提供最大的灵活性。无论需要何种产品,我们都可以与您合作满足这些需求。凭借被广泛认可的科技以及新的技术理念,浦卓科技不断地研发出超出客户预期的客制化解决方案,始终站在时代的前沿。您可以放心地将我们的技术应用到您的解决方案中。在过去 的 20 多年里,我们研发过各种产品、系统和解决方案,积累了大量专业经验,为每一位客户提供更好的服务。此外,我们通常可以直接用极为可靠的现成解决方案帮助您。当然,您也可以随时要求我们根据您的具体业务和需求进行研发。


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