Product Manufacturing Architect

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Product Manufacturing Architect


In this role you are the link between product design and our operational product realization processes including logistics, production, and service. The goal is to create and implement an efficient process for the complete product realization for a specific product or product line. Your challenge is to keep things simple and to validate designed processes.

You are actively participating in new product development projects in a wide variety of markets such as medical, automotive, and industrial. You have the end responsibility for delivering a validated process as part of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) methodologies.

In your role you will be working on managing requirements, identifying risks through process failure mode and effect analysis (PFMEA) and implementing controls to mitigate those risks. From a statistical standpoint you will validate processes by using methodologies such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Measurement System Analysis (MSA). All your work is aimed at creating a solid product realization process that can be continually improved over the life cycle of a product.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Translating customer and internal requirements to our logistical, production, and service processes
  • Interfacing with internal and external stakeholders throughout the product life cycle (i.e. sales, development, production)
  • Performing risk assessments such as process failure mode and effect analysis (PFMEA)
  • Identifying optimal manufacturing strategies
  • Assuring a cost efficient and low risk product realization process
  • Conducting statistical studies on processes (i.e. capability studies (SPC), measurement system analysis (MSA))
  • Applying lean principles to process design (e.g. value stream mapping, 5S, six sigma)
  • Assuring part approval processes (PPAP) are completed successfully


  • Bachelor or Master in Electronics / Mechatronics / Industrial Engineering and Management or similar
  • Ability to motivate and convince people
  • Team player that is able to act independently
  • Strong communicator
  • Pragmatic
  • Analytic and critical
  • a passion for technology





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