20 kW DC/DC converter for highly dynamic applications


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20 kW DC/DC converter for highly dynamic applications


Prodrive Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of world-class electronics for a large range of application areas such as industrial, automotive and medical. It comprises over 1300 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. The organization is mostly based on two groups: Development and Operations. The Development department is oriented at delivering first-class electronic, mechanic and software solutions. The Operations department is responsible for production, assembly, testing and life-cycle management of electronic products and systems in the range of 1 to more than a million pieces per year.

Prodrive Technologies has a rich history in power- and motor drive systems, especially in high-precision industrial applications. It is foreseen that demand for more compact and more accurate systems will further increase, for example in high-performance positioning systems or electron microscopy. At the same time it is preferred to have more commodity designs or building blocks that can be widely used in new products with minimal effort.


The goal of the assignment is to analyze a high power density non-isolated DC/DC converter intended to supply a highly dynamic application. The objective is to achieve a scalable topology with a power density of at least 15 kW/l. A secondary objective is to minimize the required output buffer capacitance of the converter.

Starting from a specific set of requirements (input/output voltage/current conditions, power level, EMC limits, etc.), one ‘highest-potential’ topology will be selected. Thereafter, an appropriate control scheme will be derived and a component dimensioning and optimization will be performed, given a set of system constraints (e.g. thermal), design criteria, etc. This requires the development of models for component losses and volume, as well as overall optimization algorithms/routines. The ‘optimal’ solution that is found needs to be verified using a hardware prototype that will be designed, built, and tested.


- Time and frequency-domain converter modeling
- Derivation of an appropriate modulation scheme
- Detailed loss and volume models of the main converter components
- Multi-objective optimization
- Closed-loop control
- Hardware design and testing (support of mechanical, PCB, and FPGA engineers will be provided)


  • A detailed design model for a scalable non-isolated DC/DC converter with a power density of at least 15 kW per liter;
  • Answer to the question what the optimal implementation/topology is for such a system, and what the optimal achievable performance (in terms of efficiency and volume) are, given the criteria the system constraints imposed (e.g. thermal), and the variation of the component values;
  • Working hardware prototype to verify the models and performance prediction;
  • Report (paper format is acceptable).

Important note: all our graduation assignments are dependent on time. Please see them as an example of the many great things you can do at Prodrive Technologies. If you have the same passion for technology as we do, we always have an assignment for you!


Benefits as a student

Next to the benefits which are true for every Prodriver that are listed below, some special benefits must be highlighted for students. First of all you will be treated as a real Prodriver. Your opinion and ideas will be heard and treated as full. Next to this you will get the chance to work with colleagues with a very high level of knowledge in their field and get the chance to use our world class lab and production facilities for your graduation assignment.





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