Next level cooling of computing cabinets

Investigating cooling techniques for your Graduation Project (MSc)

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Next level cooling of computing cabinets


Prodrive technologies is a developer and manufacturer of world-class electronics. It comprises over 1300 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Our organization is based on two groups: Development and Operations. The Development department is oriented at developing first-rate electronic, mechanic and software solutions. The operations department is responsible for production, assembly, testing and life-cycle-management of electronic products and systems in the range of 1 to more than a million pieces per year.


The goal of the assignment is to research cooling technologies available which can be used in future computing cabinets. Possible technologies include immersion cooling, cold plate cooling and two-phase cooling. The technical end-goal is to extend the current cooling capacity of the computing racks from 25kW to approximately 100kW. Beside total power dissipation, the research projects also focuses on the following topics:

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Installation / initial costs
  • Required floor space
  • Lifetime / reliability
  • Maintenance costs
  • Environmental impact
  • Market adoption


  • Advice on which cooling technology is suitable for our system and customers, and what the achievable performance would be for this solution.
  • Paper report which includes thermal simulations of the various concepts.
  • Opportunity to create a proof-of-concept of the computing cabinet to verify viability of the advised technology.

Important note: all our graduation assignments are dependent on time. Please see them as an example of the many great things you can do at Prodrive Technologies. If you have the same passion for technology as we do, we always have an assignment for you!

Benefits as a student

Next to the benefits which are true for every Prodriver that are listed below, some special benefits must be highlighted for students. First of all you will be treated as a real Prodriver. Your opinion and ideas will be heard and treated as full. Next to this you will get the chance to work with colleagues with a very high level of knowledge in their field and get the chance to use our world class lab and production facilities for your graduation assignment.





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