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Electromechanics Designer

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Electromechanics Designer

As Electromechanics Designer at Prodrive Technologies you are responsible for the complete topology choice, simulation, design and qualification of electrical machines e.g.: rotating, high-speed rotating and linear.

You can be architect or designer in projects for our linear actuator portfolio or customer specific rotating machines. Additionally your knowledge can be used in our power electronic designs with regards to the magnetics and coil designs.

The role of Electromechanics Designer requires a brought interest in electronics, magnetics and mechanics.


  • MSc in Electrical Engineering or a related technical education

申请 Electromechanics Designer

Some of our projects for Electromechanics Designers



You don’t just go to work, you feel responsible for your project


You decide when, where and how much you want to work


You like to think about manufacturability when designing


You don’t sit and wait, you have a hands-on mentality

Have you got what it takes to become a Prodriver?


  • Perfect environment for people willing to take full responsibility in a project
  • Unlimited growth opportunities and freedom in taking different roles in different projects
  • Young and dynamic culture
  • Unlimited personal budget for training courses, classes or studies
  • We keep management positions to a minimum, so there is virtually no hierarchy
  • We are open 24/7 and provide lunch, dinner and a company gym
  • Create your future with your own personal development plan
  • Tools and equipment such as an iPhone, iPad and laptop
  • The flexibility to work wherever and how much you want
  • Salary that grows with your performance
  • Opportunity to become a shareholder and entrepreneur in the company
  • Travel allowance based on the days you are actually at Prodrive
  • Distribution of profits


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  2. Aptitude test
  3. Interview
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