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Sustainability & Quality

At Prodrive Technologies we take our role in building a sustainable business very serious. Sustainability for Prodrive Technologies means that we use our resources as efficient as possible. This includes our infrastructural resources, facility resources, human resources, materials and any natural resources that we directly or indirectly need for our business. For over a decade we have been certified according to the environmental management standard ISO14001 as well as the occupational health & safety standard OHSAS18001. Both standards and certifications are adopted in our production facilities around the world.

Our risks and opportunities

In our business we are continually assessing the risks and opportunities in the areas of environment and occupational health and safety that could bring our performance to the next level. Two of our core environmental management programs focus on the reduction of energy usage (i.e. electricity, water, natural gas, and fuel) and on the continual improvement of waste separation and reduction.

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Our products

Within our development processes for products we incorporate our environmental and long-term sustainable approach. By making smarter, more efficient, and more reliable products we aim to contribute within our supply chain towards a sustainable use of our products. A key program for our products and internal processes is the reduction of the use of hazardous materials. This includes topics such as legislation on Conflict Minerals, REACH, RoHS, Green, and is combined with our desire to run the extra mile.

Our people

The people within our organization make the difference. In addition to intelligence and creativity, diversity is one of the key strengths of our workforce. Although the selection of members of our boards and councils is generally based on personality and competence, diversity in terms of background, age, and gender are ingredients that make successful teams. We focus a lot of our attention on the creation of a sustainable culture for our people. This means that we are identifying measures to motivate personnel and empower them in their responsibilities and roles. We are creating an environment where healthy behaviour is stimulated. We offer sport facilities, healthy lunch and dinner, discourage smoking and keep an eye on our illness rate. We believe that motivated, connected and responsible employees are the basis of a successful and sustainable business.

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Our stakeholders

Sustainability does not end at Prodrive Technologies. Our influence is in the supply base where we select and monitor our suppliers and subcontractors on their environmental, safety, and corporate responsibility initiatives. For our customers we assure alignment with their requirements and expectations by addressing those expectations in our management system. The last, but not least, consists of our efforts towards our stakeholders in society. We are keen on supporting schools with materials for their education, we invest in university student teams and we support local charities and initiatives and organize several sponsored events that contribute to better health and quality of living.

Our buildings

Prodrive Technologies’ campus and buildings have a design and construction philosophy that is focused on at making the most of its size. Flexible building and area design gives us possibilities to reconfigure our operations within our buildings and reduces the need for rebuilding existing parts of buildings or constructing complete buildings.  As an ultimate target Prodrive Technologies aims for a full " lights out" factory,  meaning  a production facility fully automated and require limited human presence on-site.  Within our buildings we apply the latest standards for isolation, building “green”, and make use of solar panels. Our new production facility has a roof covered with solar panels generating over 70 MWh per year.

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Quality is a matter of course

We believe in preventing, by doing things right the first time. By integrating processes & systems we create a way of working that cannot fail to produce quality. At Prodrive Technologies we’re crazy about technology. We apply the very latest techniques in our production systems and working processes in all kinds of ways – aiming to achieve perfection down to the smallest details. And it works. Thanks to this approach, we can offer our customers a products and solutions of unmatched quality.


  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management (NL, US, CN)
  • ISO 13485:2016 Quality management – Medical devices (NL, US, CN)
  • IATF 16949:2016 Quality management – Automotive (NL, CN)
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management (NL, CN)
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management (NL, CN)
  • IECEE CB Scheme Certified Witnessed Manufacturing Testing laboratory (NL)