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LCAs reveal the hidden impact of our choices, allowing us to implement steps to minimize them.



| Life Cycle Assessment



| Life Cycle Assessment

In 2022, a team of sustainability specialists and mechanical engineers completed Prodrive’s first environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) within the power conversion technology program. In this case, we wanted to assess the environmental impact of our white label AC charger (WLAC) and understand what changes should be implemented so we can develop a more sustainable charger in the future.

During the assessment we looked at the environmental impact including carbon footprint, ecotoxicity, human toxicity and resource scarcity across the entire product life cycle. This includes everything from raw material acquisition to product assembly, transportation, use of the product and end of life. 

The results showed that the use phase of the charger creates the largest environmental impact and that quick wins can be achieved by optimizing logistical movements, internal processes and making smart material choices.

We have the ambition to expand our expertise regarding LCAs to other programs and projects within Prodrive. We are continuously seeking highly motivated and detail-oriented students to join us as LCA interns. If you are familiar with life cycle assessments, we encourage you to apply!

On a given day as an intern, you may start the day working out at our Provide Gym, followed by a review meeting with your team to discuss progress on the project or consulting with a product designer to discover where sustainable product changes can be made. Other days may be spent doing desk work by gathering and reviewing the necessary data to complete the LCA. Your day may be broken up by having a healthy and delicious lunch in our canteen taking a refreshing walk outside. 

LCAs reveal the hidden impact of our choices, allowing us to implement steps to minimize them

Life Cycle Assessment profile

  • Pursuing a degree in sustainable innovation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or related technical degree with some courses in sustainability.

  • Familiar with LCA inventory reporting methodology

Pros and cons

  • Flexible working hours

  • You are a gamechanger by working on a project that is relatively new to the company

  • Fun and engaging working environment

  • Challenging due to the lack of industry data on Life Cycle Assessments

  • Less engaging topics covered such as uncertainty analysis, GHG reporting, and impact calculations












  • 为愿意承担项目全部责任的员工提供完美的工作环境
  • 无限的成长机会和在不同项目中担任不同角色的自由
  • 我们全天候营业,提供午餐、晚餐和公司健身房
  • 年轻且充满活力的企业文化
  • 无限制的个人预算用于培训课程、课程或学习
  • 我们保持最少的管理岗位,因此实际上没有等级制度
  • 用你自己的个人发展计划创造你的未来
  • iPhone、iPad和笔记本电脑等工具和设备
  • 随时随地工作的灵活性
  • 根据个人绩效涨薪
  • 有机会成为公司的股东和企业家
  • 根据您在浦卓的实际工作天数提供差旅津贴
  • 年假
  • 退休金
  • 利润分红


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