Prodrive Technologies Mont Ventoux challenge for the Brain Tumor Foundation

Prodrive Technologies taking on the Mont Ventoux challenge to raise money for the Brain Tumor Foundation

Son, August 24th 2018 - Each year, Prodrive wants to do something extra for a charity in which Prodrive is personally involved. This year, we have chosen the Brain tumor foundation as a person very close to Prodrive Technologies unfortunately passed away because of this horrible disease. What does this foundation stand for:

Each week about 28 people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with “primary brain tumor” and each week 28 people die from a brain tumor, because brain tumors are still incurable. Together with the best researchers, the Brain tumor foundation wants to find new effective treatment methods for primary brain tumors. They do this with the knowledge that research on cancer in general and certainly on the nature and behavior of brain tumors is super important. By innovating at every conceivable level, there is an increasing degree of perspective, both for those who currently have a brain tumor and for future patients. With the ultimate goal: healing brain tumors.

Last year, an incredible amount of over EUR 80.000 was raised for Stichting Hartedroom.  It was an amazing trip that brought everyone closer together by dedication and an impressive sportive accomplishment. This year, a new group of 17 participants will take on the Mont Ventoux challenge to raise as much money as possible for brain tumor research.

It is possbile to sponsor the team or an individual participant. All donations are more than welcome and can be done via this link.

On behalf of the entire Mont Ventoux team, thank you!


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