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Bias generator (shaped waveform)

Tailored bias waveform generator for RF plasma systems

Prodrive Technologies introduces its disruptive tailored bias waveform generator to provide direct control of the sheath ion energy distribution in plasma processing. The tailored waveform output offers independent control over current and voltage and is measured in real-time. This direct control of the sheath ion energy greatly enhances the control and precision of etch and deposition processes compared to conventional RF biasing, enabling customization of ion energy distribution to allow very narrow distributions and tail elimination. This results in optimized process speed and maximum selectivity for sensitive features. It also reduces the energy consumption of the biasing, increasing the efficiency of the system with respect to conventional technologies.

Specifications available upon request.

Narrow ion energy distribution with tail elimination
Maximum control of bias conditions with real-time waveform monitoring
Fast integration with conventional RF systems
Proprietary autotuning of waveform