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Solid State Voltage Regulator

Maintaining power stability behind the distribution transformer is increasingly becoming a challenge due to increasing fluctuations. Due to residential power production (solar, wind) and storage (battery) there is an increased risk of over-voltage, leading to damaged hardware at the end user, while due to increased heavy power consumption (heat pump, HVAC, EV) there is also an increased risk of under-voltage, leading to disrupted hardware at the end user. However, replacing an existing distribution transformer that still has the majority of its economic lifetime in front of it to one equipped with a tap changer can be prohibitively expensive. This is why Prodrive Technology introduces its Solid State Voltage Regulator, which is easy to retrofit to existing distribution transformers due to its small size. It also enhances power control for the DSO by supplying parameters measurements real-time (Voltage, Current, Temperature).

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Easy to retrofit
Small size
Real-time data availability
For residential and industrial applicaton