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Congratulations on your new job at Prodrive Technologies. We are excited that you are joining us!

Congratulations on your new job

Congratulations on your new job in a very special position! You’re new and therefore in a very special position. You have a fresh pair of eyes for what Prodrive does and how we do it. Do you notice anything out of the ordinary? Write it down!

There might be a good reason, but sometimes it happens that a “we always-do-it-this-way” procedure or work process has snuck upon us and that might not always be the shortest and/or the best way to success. Be critical and start straight away.

This is the only time you’re new here.

On your first day

On your first day, we expect you at our visitor entrance. If you are coming by car, you should park on the personnel parking lot. You can enter the parking lot using the code provided by the recruiter. If you are coming by bike, you should park it at one of the visitor parking spots for your first day only.

Your cluster coach knows you are coming, so please report yourself at the reception desk. Shortly after, your cluster coach - or in case of absence a team member - will pick you up for your introduction.

What shall I bring?

Excellent question! Most of our starters make sure they know a little bit about the background of Prodrive and the position they are starting in. All other practical stuff, we will take care of.

On your first day, your laptop, phone, and badge will be ready for you to pick up. And when it's lunch time, you can grab a sandwich, some soup and salad. So don't worry about bringing your own lunch.

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If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to your recruiter.