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Time to get ready!

Use this information to prepare yourself for your job application, using the provided resources like examples, videos, links, and more.

What we do, and why we do it

At Prodrive Technologies, we create meaningful technologies that make the world work. Our employees always wanted to be an inventor. At Prodrive Technologies you get the opportunity to fulfill your dream. Engineering and continuously improving products and processes, and pushing the status quo.

Naturally, our success, growth, and results have not just fallen into our laps. We've all given our best shot to get to where we are because we're crazy about technology and the challenges presented by technological and business developments.

Anyone who becomes a Prodriver must be able to meet those challenges, take initiative and take on risks, seize opportunities and persevere to the very last moment, which may sometimes fall outside office hours.

In short, our work is our passion. We take it very seriously. If you feel the same way, you could go a long way as a Prodriver - there's plenty of scope here.

General advice

  • Read over the job description. To get ready for your interview, read through the job description and make sure you know what is expected of the role.

  • Everyone loves a candidate who does their homework! Do some research on who you'll be meeting, and do some reading on Prodrive Technologies as a company, business, and our products. You should know what our mission and values are and be able to speak to them.

  • We love to ask behavioral-based interview questions. Behavioral questions usually start with phrases like “tell me about a time when” or “give me an example of". We want to understand what you owned and what you delivered. Expect follow-up questions such as, “what did you do then?” or “what was the result?”

  • Listen carefully. If you don't fully understand the question, please ask! You can ask the interviewer to clarify or rephrase their question. Also, feel free to tell your interviewer you need a moment to collect your thoughts.

  • Be concise. Communication is important in all of our roles here. We recommend being thorough but concise. In general, we'd like to hear about fewer things but in more detail. We want to hear about the details of the challenges you've encountered and what exactly you did. Avoid giving "whirlwind tours" that touch on a lot of areas but only superficially or talking about your team or company in a way that makes it hard to ascertain your personal contribution. It's helpful for us to hear about outcomes and impact and not just inputs.

  • Come with questions. This is your chance to interview us as well. We value curiosity and want to answer your questions.


If you have any questions along the way during your job application, please feel free to ask your recruiter. Your recruiter is your partner in this process and is here to answer any questions you have along the way.