High speed industrial camera

High speed area scan camera, up to 2000 fps

Introducing the Yooka series, a remarkable line of high-speed area scan cameras tailored for professionals who prioritize exceptional system throughput.

With an impressive bandwidth exceeding 168Gbps, the Yooka series redefines high frame rate imaging within the large area scan domain. Offering an ultra-high speed of up to 2,000 frames per second (fps) in full resolution, it stands as the first industry camera to fully utilize the GSPRINT sensor, ensuring top-notch performance in various applications.

With capture rates of up to 30.000fps (ROI Read-out) and a resolution of up to 21MPx, the Yooka series not only enables precise data capture but also empowers users to elevate throughput while maintaining exceptional performance standards tailored to specific requirements. 

Its support for water cooling makes the camera well-suited for integration into systems that are deployed in a clean room environment.

Key features:

  • GSPRINT4510 or 4521 sensor
  • Unique high frame rate imaging
  • Up to 30.000fps capture rates
  • Optical CL high-speed interface
  • Support for water cooling
  • End-to-end solution including frame grabber
  • Camera with optical fiber link

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High Frame Rate@4X (1)

Unique high frame rate imaging

Easy Integration Fiberoptic Cable@4X

Easy integration with fiber optic cable

End To End Solution 2@4X

End-to-end solution

Water Cooling@4X

Support for water cooling

Maximize acquisition rates with ROI read-out

The Yooka cameras support ROI read-out modes to further increase the acquisition speed while the data rate and the load on the image processing will not further increase. The acquisition speed will increase by limiting the vertical read-out, which brings high throughput and enhanced data accuracy making it suitable for the semiconductor and life science markets.

The increase in acquisition speed as a function of the vertical read-out is depicted in the following graph for the Yooka-10F and 21F. Please see the comparison graph below.

Boost your measurement performance

Tailored for high throughput inspection and metrology applications, the Yooka series area scan camera features an optical CLHS interface. This interface not only ensures reliable data transmission over long distances but also supports the use of fiber optic cables.  Moreover, the lightweight and flexible nature of these optical cables minimizes mechanical load and vibrations, providing stability during camera movement for inspection tasks.

To complement the capabilities of the Yooka camera, we introduce the Apollo frame grabber—a high-performance PCIe GEN3 acquisition card, designed specifically to support the high-speed image acquisition from our CLHS cameras.  Equipped with two bidirectional QSFP28 modules, the Apollo card enables multi-lane optical transceivers, maximizing data transfer rates. The onboard Xilinx Ultrascale FPGA further enhances performance by offloading computationally intensive algorithms from the host computer system, while the 16GB ECC memory ensures reliable frame capture without compromising data integrity.

By integrating the Yooka camera with the Apollo frame grabber and Prodrive Technologies’ compute platform, we offer an end-to-end solution that empowers high-end optical inspection tools. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology and seamless integration for unparalleled performance in your inspection and metrology workflows.

Seamless setup with our software

FocalPoint is an image acquisition and control software development toolkit designed for the Apollo series frame grabbers and their corresponding cameras. It provides a visually intuitive interface, allowing users to configure the frame grabber and connected cameras while facilitating smooth acquisition with live image previews.

This toolkit allows users to effortlessly configure the frame grabber and connected cameras while facilitating seamless acquisition with live image previews.

Complementing this toolkit is FocalPointSDK, an open-source library tailored for GenTL consumer applications. With a C++ abstraction layer over the GenTL C interface, it streamlines resource management and simplifies the image acquisition process. Key highlights of FocalPointSDK include loading GenTL CTI files, enumerating interfaces and devices, parsing GenAPI register description files, and accessing GenAPI features.

Focalpoint GUI (1)

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