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Motion Controllers

Motion controllers for synchronized control of up to 28  axes at 20kHz

Motion controllers calculate and execute complex motion profiles for high-performance systems, coordinating many motor axes within complex, top-tier equipment. High-speed closed-loop control swiftly and accurately regulates outputs to servo-drives and motors using fast real-time communication protocols like EtherCAT®.

The Poseidon motion controller stands out as the industry's top performer. It synchronizes up to 28 axes at 20 kHz, and many more at lower frequencies. It suits data-intensive applications like high-end semiconductor, Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing and Advanced Packaging. It handles demanding tasks like XYZθ stage control, inverse kinematics, and up to 4th-order motion profiles. The compact Arcas can synchronize 12 axes at 10 kHz for diverse applications such as electronics manufacturing and medical imaging.

Each has:

  • a Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • One or more EtherCAT interfaces
  • outstanding reliability
  • PMP (Prodrive Motion Platform) software compatibility.


Distributed networking

Gigabit Ethernet connects to a host computer. The host computer can automatically discover all connected motion controllers using the PMP software API, providing a reliable connection to the motion controller by using TCP/IP communication.

EtherCAT interfacing is used for high-frequency data exchange and synchronization of connected EtherCAT SubDevices. EtherCAT (IEC61158) is a real-time industrial Ethernet fieldbus suitable for demanding applications like automation technology and Test and Measurement. The main development focus was to keep cycle times below 100 μs, with low jitter for accurate synchronization within 1 μs and low hardware costs.

The units are extremely reliable: MTBF for Poseidon is 200 khr and Lifecycle support is 7+ years, for Arcas it is 1000 khr and 10+ years.

PMP software enables centralized, distributed, and hybrid control for the most demanding motion systems. There are seamless interfaces to MATLAB® and Simulink® code generation and the high-speed Data Acquisition gives full insight into system behaviour. These properties significantly reduce development time, efficiently narrow integration issues, and accelerate Time-to-Market for enhanced productivity.


Please see our Poseidon series and Arcas series product pages for detailed information.

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