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Cygnus 电机驱动器配备性能强大的集成运动控制器并具有多种连接选择。这使得 Cygnus 成为许多应用的理想选择。由于内部采用 EMC & EMI 配置,加上集成输入/输出滤波,Cygnus 可以用最少数量的外部组件工作,并可以通过 Ethernet 或使用兼容 CiA402 的 EtherCAT 接口控制驱动器。

Cygnus 驱动器采用可编程浦卓运动平台Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP)。PMP 平台非常灵活,目前应用于多个行业。运动控制器可以通过强大的 Motion API (C++/C#) 集成在要求最严格的系统中。自定义实时代码可以通过 Simulink 代码生成部署。PMP 工具提供先进的信号跟踪功能和完全可定制的 HMI 界面,支持快速轻松调试。

Motor Drive 9777
可编程 PMP 运动控制器



Power Levels

Module is available in several current ratings.


Mounting Options

Various mounting brackets are available allowing both surface mounting and rack mounting of the device.

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Communication Interfaces

Drive can be used in real-time industrial networks as EtherCAT and CANopen, or can be commanded via the Ethernet-based PMP interface.


Cygnus series specifications

  Series Cygnus Cygnus Cygnus
  Model Q3-48/10 S3-400/8 D3-400/4
Power input      
  Input voltage range 10 - 54VDC 390 - 410VDC 390 - 410VDC
  Input voltage, abs max 60VDC 450VDC 450VDC
  Input current 30ARMS 10ARMS 10ARMS
  Input current, peak 50APK 20APK 20APK
  Auxiliary input voltage 21-26 VDC
  Auxiliary input current max 3A
Actuator outputs      
  Number of motor outputs 4 1 2
  Supported motor types (linear and rotary) stepper,
1-phase (voice coil)
3-phase (PMSM/Reluctance/Induction/BLDC)
  Maximum phase current 10ARMS 8ARMS 4ARMS
  Peak phase current (1s) 20ARMS 16ARMS 8ARMS
  Maximum output voltage (line-line, typical) 0-30VRMS 0-250VRMS 0-250VRMS
  Rated switching frequency 16-20kHz
  Output frequency 0-700Hz
  Internal brake resistor N
  External brake resistor Y
Encoder inputs      
  Number of encoder inputs 4 1 2
  Supported types Digital quadrature (A/B/I)
Analog sin/cos 1Vpp (12bit)
Digital hall (5V)
EnDAT 2.1/2.2
Hiperface DSL 2- / 4-wire
  Maximum signal fequency with no missing pulses 4MHz
  Maximum baudrate (digital encoders) 32MHz
  Encoder supply (each input) 5V 500mA / 10V 500mA
General purpose inputs/outputs      
  Isolated digital inputs 4 x 24V input (VIH≥11V, VIL≤5V, IIN<15mA)
  Isolated digital outputs 2 x 30V / 500mA
  Non-isolated digital inputs 3 x TTL (shared with digital hall)
  Non-isolated digital outputs 4 x 24V - 2A
  Analog inputs 1 x ±10V differential input, 10bit
  Analog outputs -
  Brake outputs 2 x 24V - 2A
  Interface Ethernet / EtherCAT / RS485 (50MBps max) / CAN
  Update rate 100Hz - 20kHz
  Offset error [%of Ipk]      
  Offset drift [%of Ipk]      
  Gain error [%of Ipk]      
  Gain drift      
  Linearity error [ppm of Ipk]      
  Current loop, small signal bandwidth (-3dB) Typical 600Hz – 1kHz
  Output current noise spectral density @100Hz      
  Output current noise, rms 1Hz-10kHz      
  Output current noise, rms 1Hz-20MHz      
Functional safety      
  Applicable standard IEC62061:2010
  STO SIL3 (certification pending)
  SBC SIL3 (certification pending)
Electrical safety      
  Applicable standard IEC/UL61800-5-1
  Pollution degree 2
  Overvoltage category III
  IP-protection class / enclosure type IP20 / open type
  Maximum altitude during operation 2000m above mean sea level
  Applicable standard IEC61800-3
  Input filtering CM+DM, cat C2, 2nd env. when used with listed power supply
  Output filtering Clamped LC filter (dV/dt limiting) + HF output filter
Mechanical &  Climatic      
  Dimensions (width x depth x height) 73mm x 195mm x 265mm 90mm x 195mm x 265mm 90mm x 195mm x 265mm
  Mass (typical) 3 3.3 3.3
  Operating temperature range -5°C - 45°C
  Operating humidity range 0-90% non-condensing
  Shock&Vibration IEC61800-5-1, IEC60068-2-6 (Fc)
  Lifetime >10 years


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